Have you ever needed to have an old photo restored? Or needed to preserve a family heirloom in a custom picture frame? Or wanted to have a special photo on your phone printed in a large format? Then you may have had the pleasure of dealing with local fine art and custom framing shop called "Pazan Gallery" located on the east side of the Village of Port Credit.

Owned and operated by visual artist Marcelo Leonardo Pazan and his lovely wife Gloria, Pazan Gallery has become a pillar of the arts community. The owner's commitment to being a socially-conscience and active member of the Port Credit community guides their pursuit in providing professional quality, fine art services such as; custom picture framing, photo restoration, art restoration, photo printing, giclée printing, fine art sales, and commissions. They are able to restore damaged photos and print them onto canvas, archival quality photo paper, acrylic, or high-definition metal. As a one-stop-shop, Pazan Gallery is also able to produce a custom picture frame that will help to preserve the final output.  With an expert level of attention to detail, Pazan Gallery has been providing services that are highly sought after by clients throughout the GTA looking to preserve, showcase or restore precious artworks and photographs or to purchase original works of art by local artists.

In 2020, in the early days of lockdowns Pazan Gallery was preparing to expand next door to create an additional 1000 square foot gallery space but temporarily closed the gallery side due to health restrictions imposed by the province. With lockdowns now lifted, the new gallery space is a welcome addition to the cultural scene in Port Credit. The new gallery space not only features local artists' work but also temporary pop-up shops, a community rental space, as well as, a photography studio for personal and professional photo sessions.  

Gloria and Marcelo look forward to future events at Pazan Gallery where the community will once again come together for shared cultural experiences that foster community spirit and goodwill. For more information or to book an appointment visit


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Business Info
  • 6A Brant Avenue, Mississauga, ​Port Credit, ON L5G 3N8, Canada
  • 905-278-1374
Business Hours

December 24 , 2021,  10 am - 2 pm
December 25, 2021  till  January 4, 2022