Nav Bhatia

Coming to Canada - Nav Bhatia

Nav Bhatia, immigrated to Canada in 1984 from Delhi, making his name not only in the car industry but also winning the hearts of Sikh community living there by supporting Sikh youth in many ways. One such way is purchasing 3000 tickets for Sikh youth to go to the Raptors games in hopes that they will become involved in the sport.

"When I first came to Canada, I faced a lot of discrimination because of the way I looked,” Bhatia says. “It was very difficult landing a job, but I never got angry. Whatever work I did, I made sure I was the best at it. My first job was as a landscaper and I was the proudest Canadian landscaper, I can guarantee you that."

In 2018 he started the Superfan Foundation as a way to bring diverse people in Canada and around the world together through sport. Nav Bhatia is now the owner of the most successful Hyundai car dealership in Canada! Famously known as ‘Super Fan’ of the Toronto Raptors, he has never missed a single match in more than 20 years!