About Advertising.

One Simple Solution...

Towns Canada Can Help Your Business!

Towns Canada believes in simplicity. There is no tiered advertising here... One small price for one solution and it works!

A single solution to advertising your business!

One solution, one price... For everyone! We keep it simple!

Strong Brand Building

Towns Canada can help build your brand! Ask how we can help you!

Target relevant audience.

We aim to bring your ad to a relivent audience, using built in features. Your advertisment will be seen by individuals that are looking for what you offer!

Well Crafted Listings

Listings are filtered in several ways. User settings, proximity, or plain ole' search! Keeping it simple is what we believe in!

Towns Canada believes in keeping things simple.

Single Advertising Solution!

There is only one price to pay for advertising for everyone! There is no tiered advertising here!

$ 20  / Month
  • Bussiness page.
  • Relivent visitors.
  • Link your bussiness site.
  • Link to your social media solution.
  • High visibility.
  • Tunneled traffic to your advertisment.
  • Single easy solution for a low price!